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Please note Mount Valuation reports are currently accepted by all New Zealand Financial and Banking Institutions apart from BNZ.

Some banks have recently directed their staff to recommend that clients use valuation ordering systems which are run by Valocity or Corelogic NZ Ltd, however we have had confirmation from all Banks apart from BNZ that they will also still accept valuations completed by Mount Valuation Limited. BNZ have chosen to use only the Valuers who have joined up to the Valocity ordering system.

Mount Valuation was invited to join these valuation ordering systems however for a number of reasons we chose to decline the invitations. Our reasons:

  • Our independence is of the utmost importance, we have no bias towards any of the parties
  • The ordering system does not provide the opportunity to select experienced and competent valuers suitable for a particular job
  • The ordering systems will allocate the valuation to any Valuer on their panel who has listed that they value in that general region. That may be a very junior valuer who has had no experience in valuing beachfront properties, coastal hazard properties, apartments, properties with sea views etc.
  • Mount Valuation have specialized in valuing the coastal strip of Mount Maunganui and Papamoa, and have built up extensive knowledge of this market
  • Mount Valuation have total control and flexibility over our fees, we do not pay a fee to a third party, such as Valocity or Corelogic, to facilitate the job, Therefore we can provide valuations at a lower cost to the client.
  • You deal directly with the person completing the valuation, providing much more efficient coordination for inspection times and report turn around.
  • Confidentiality of information, your job is not passed through an intermediary who could collect and use it for other purposes.

If you are looking to organise a valuation for mortgage purposes, advise your bank that you will arrange for your own Valuer, it will save you money and provide you with an experienced professional who has extensive knowledge of your market